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US Senator Chris Murphy Acknowledges West Hartford Teen Athlete Ambassadors to Cub

November 23, 2015   “This is really important to me,” Murphy said to the student-athletes who will represent West Hartford as well as the country in Cuba. Murphy, who grew up playing baseball and loves the sport, told the students that the upcoming trip represents “the kind of outreach efforts that have great impact, capable of changing Cuba from within.”   |  Watch video

Retired MLB Star Devon Whyte Helping West Hartford Baseball Team Prepare for Trip to Cuba

November 6, 2015    White was in West Hartford on Thursday, speaking to members of the World Series Club at the VFW Hall on South Street, and also educating the teens and their families about what they can expect when they go to Cuba.

“Cuba is a baseball country, like the Dominican Republic,” White said. “America has been so isolated from Cuba that they don’t know much about it,” he said. Although they may not have the best equipment, even the young players are well-skilled in the fundamentals of the game, White said.   |   Read Article

West Hartford Baseball Team to Play in Cuba

November 2, 2015    With 700 pounds of school supplies, baseball equipment and musical instruments in tow, a local baseball team plans to fly to Holguin, Cuba for a one-week goodwill

“Baseball for them is the universal language,” said Tim Brennan, assistant coach and one of the program leaders. “It is just the vehicle or the medium to connect these kids.”   |   Read Article

Fox News 61 Captures Baseball Fever at Launch of West Hartford USA-Cuba Goodwill Tour

November 2, 2015    At batting practice on an unusually warm fall afternoon, third baseman Jack Brockway said he was looking forward to playing in a country that has had so much success on the diamond.

“They have such high-caliber players down there, they are amazing, and now we're finally going to see where they come from.”   |   Watch Video